Synthetic Biology Market – Middle-east Forecast (2019-2027) _ by Product, by Technology, by Application and by Geography

Synthetic Biology Market Middle-East is expected to reach USD XX Bn by 2027 from USD XX Bn in 2019 at a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period. The report includes an analysis of the impact of COVID-19 lockdown on the revenue of market leaders, followers, and disruptors. Since the lockdown was implemented differently in various regions and countries; the impact of the same is also seen differently by regions and segments. The report has covered the current short-term and long-term impact on the market, and it would help the decision-makers to prepare the outline and strategies for companies by region.

Synthetic Biology Market Middle-East

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Synthetic Biology Market Middle-East Dynamics:

Synthetic biology uses advances in chemistry, science, biology, and engineering for developing products that are cheaper and has better precision. Abstraction, standardization as well as automated construction are used for changing biological systems further expanding the range of possible products to be obtained. Various disciplines such as medicine, energy, and the environment apply synthetic biology for their benefits. Synthetic biology or engineering biology uses biological systems for displaying functions that are otherwise non-existent in nature using complex processes. This branch of biology combines the chemical synthesis of DNA with genomics to help researchers quickly manufacture DNA sequences that are cataloged further assembling them into newer genomes. Improvements being made in speed as well as the cost of DNA synthesis help scientists to synthesize bacterial chromosomes. These changes help in the production of modified biofuels, renewable chemicals, and other bioproducts for application across different industries and include the healthcare sector as well. Artificial designing or re-designing of natural biological systems for useful purposes has greater value and applications for long-term growth and sustainability.

Synthetic Biology Market Middle-East Segment Analysis:

The middle-east market for synthetic biology has been classified on the basis of products, application, technology, and geography. Products segmentation for synthetic biology comprises enabling products and core products with enabling products holding a major market share. The growing application of natural biological systems in manufacturing more advanced genetic structures that may help in future sustainability as well. Based on technology, the market has been segmented into genome engineering, DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, biological components, and integrated systems among others. Genome engineering and DNA sequencing have held some of the largest market shares with factors such as the increasing influence of government to push research organizations for producing modified crops and organisms that may help in the future sustainability of the human race. These concerns are growing in the last few years with more population and increase in demand for crops acting as a few key factors that may result in the progressive use of biological engineering. Healthcare and agriculture have been two key application areas that use synthetic biology for improving products and manufacture genetically modified products. Middle-east has seen a huge growth in the last few years with GCC countries holding major market share. Huge investments from foreign shores boosting research and growth have come across as a major factor that has positively driven the market for synthetic biology in Middle-east. Synthetic Biology Market Key Highlights: • Middle-east Synthetic Biology market size analysis and forecast. • Comprehensive study and analysis of market drivers, restraints, and opportunities influencing the growth of the Middle-east Synthetic Biology market. • Synthetic Biology market segmentation on the basis of product, technology, application, and geography. • Synthetic Biology market strategic analysis with respect to individual growth trends, future prospects along a contribution of various sub-market stakeholders have been considered under the scope of the study. • Synthetic Biology market analysis and forecast for major countries have been provided. • Profiling of key industry players, their strategic perspective, market positioning, and analysis of core competencies. • Competitive landscape of the key players operating in the Synthetic Biology market including competitive developments, investments, and strategic expansion. Synthetic Biology Market Research Methodology: The market is estimated by triangulation of data points obtained from various sources and feeding them into a simulation model created individually for each market. The data points are obtained from paid and unpaid sources along with paid primary interviews with key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the market. KOLs from both, demand and supply sides were considered while conducting interviews to get an unbiased idea of the market. This exercise was done at a country level to get a fair idea of the market in countries considered for this study. Later this country-specific data was accumulated to come up with regional numbers and then arrive at the market value for Synthetic Biology Market Middle-east.

Key Players Operating in the Middle-East Synthetic Biology Market:

• Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. • Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. • Dupont • Genscript Corporation • Amyris • Intrexon • Novozymes • Synthetic Genomics Inc. • Agilent Technologies

Synthetic Biology Market, Key Target Audience:

• Research and consulting firms • Healthcare industries • Synthetic Biology Market Investors • Chemical & Biofuel industries • Pharmaceutical & drug manufacturers • Hospitals and Clinics • Contract research organizations (CROs) and Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOS) • Biotech, Food & Agriculture, Pharmaceutical & drug manufacturers • Synthetic Biology Marketing Players

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Synthetic Biology Market, By Product:

• Enabling • Core

Synthetic Biology Market, By Technology:

• Genome Engineering • DND Sequencing • Bioinformatics • Biological components and integrated systems • Others

Synthetic Biology Market, By Application:

• Chemicals • Healthcare • Agriculture • Others

Synthetic Biology Market, By Geography:

• Middle-east • GCC Countries • Israel • Others

Synthetic Biology Market, Geographic Analysis

• Breakdown of GCC Countries Synthetic Biology market • Breakdown of Israel Synthetic Biology market • Breakdown of Others Synthetic Biology market

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1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 2.1. Market Definition 2.2. Market Scope 2.3. Data Sources 3. MARKET VARIABLES & SCOPE 3.1. Market Segmentation & Scope 3.2. Market Driver Analysis 3.3. Market Restraint Analysis 3.4. Penetration &Growth Prospect Mapping 3.5. Market SWOT Analysis, By Factor (political & legal, economic and technological) 3.6. Porter’s Five ForcesIndustry Analysis 3.7. Market Value Chain Analysis 4. PRODUCTESTIMATES & TREND ANALYSIS (2019 – 2026) 4.1. Synthetic Biology Market: ProductAnalysis 4.2. Enabling 4.2.1. Enabling market, 2019 – 2026 (USD billion) 4.3. Core 4.3.1. Coremarket, 2019 – 2026 (USD billion) 5. TECHNOLOGY ESTIMATES & TREND ANALYSIS (2019 – 2026) 5.1. Synthetic Biology Market: TechnologyAnalysis 5.2. Genome Engineering 5.2.1. Genome Engineering market, 2019 – 2026 (USD billion) 5.3. DND Sequencing 5.3.1. DND Sequencing market, 2019 – 2026 (USD billion) 5.4. Bioinformatics 5.4.1. Bioinformatics market, 2019 – 2026 (USD billion) 5.5. Biological components and integrated systems 5.5.1. Biological components and integrated systemsmarket, 2019 – 2026 (USD billion) 5.6. Others 5.6.1. Othersmarket, 2019 – 2026 (USD billion) 6. APPLICATION ESTIMATES & TREND ANALYSIS (2019 – 2026) 6.1. Synthetic Biology Market: Application Analysis 6.2. Chemical 6.2.1. Chemicalmarket, 2019 – 2026 (USD billion) 6.3. Healthcare 6.3.1. Healthcare market, 2019 – 2026 (USD billion) 6.4. Agriculture 6.4.1. Agriculture market, 2019 – 2026 (USD billion) 6.5. Others 6.5.1. Othersmarket, 2019 – 2026 (USD billion) 7. REGIONAL ESTIMATES & TREND ANALYSIS BY PRODUCT, TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATION (2019 – 2026) 7.1. Synthetic Biology market share by country, 2019 & 2025 7.2. GCC Countries 7.2.1. GCC Countries Synthetic Biology market, 2019 – 2026 (USD billion) 7.3. Israel 7.3.1. Israel Synthetic Biology market, 2019 – 2026 (USD billion) 7.4. Others 7.4.1. Others Synthetic Biology market, 2019 – 2026 (USD billion) 8. MARKET COMPETITION ANALYSIS 8.1. Strategy Framework 8.2. Company Profiles 8.2.1. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Company Overview Financial Performance Product Benchmarking Strategic Initiatives 8.2.2. Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. Company Overview Financial Performance Product Benchmarking Strategic Initiatives 8.2.3. Synthetic Genomics Inc. Company Overview Financial Performance Product Benchmarking Strategic Initiatives 8.2.4. Genscript Corporation Company Overview Financial Performance Product Benchmarking Strategic Initiatives 8.2.5. Amyris Company Overview Financial Performance Product Benchmarking Strategic Initiatives 8.2.6. Intrexon Company Overview Financial Performance Product Benchmarking Strategic Initiatives 8.2.7. Dupont Company Overview Financial Performance Product Benchmarking Strategic Initiatives 8.2.8. Agilent Technologies Company Overview Financial Performance Product Benchmarking Strategic Initiatives 8.2.9. Novozymes Company Overview Financial Performance Product Benchmarking Strategic Initiatives