Maximize Market Research & Report Supply Chain Consultation

Supply chain organizations are becoming more and more global with greater customer focus, business functions and processes need to respond the changes appropriately. As a result of this business dynamicity, every day presents new challenges to the Enterprise Architect to maintain or improve supply chain effectiveness. Core business building blocks of supply chain execution have been categorized into three areas: a) Order capture, b) Order management and c) Order fulfillment based on demarcation of broader business functions boundaries. We defined it as a platform which unifies diverse needs and challenges, arising from interaction among people, process and technology in any organization &

We look at ways to simplify and consolidate supply chains with the aim of improving efficiency and profitability. We will address four major questions:

  • WHAT: Types of consolidation
  • WHY: Benefits of consolidation
  • HOW: Approach for packaging consolidation
  • WHERE: Sweet spots and balancing acts