IoT Platform Companies

IoT Platform Companies The list includes the 150 key companies across the globe. The Companies are shortlisted by the relevance in the industry across North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. Profiles of these companies include the information about their history, location, legal compliance, product portfolio, and business segments that will help readers to get insight […]

Connected Cars Key Trends

Connected Cars Key Trends From its humble beginnings in 1996, when General Motors introduced OnStar, to the latest IoT-compatible models, advances in technology keep redefining what a connected car is. At least for now, we can characterize a connected automobile as one that facilitates connections between vehicle systems, driver and passenger devices, and external devices, […]

Global Ambulatory Surgical Centres Market Forecast 2016-2024

Global Ambulatory Surgical Centres Market report delivers information on market dynamics that impact the development of the Ambulatory Surgical Centres Market till 2024. Insights on key restraints, trends, value forecasts, opportunities, and drivers for organizations functioning in the Ambulatory Surgical Centres Market are offered in the report. The ASCs market is currently observing high growth primarily […]

V2X Automotive Market

V2X Automotive Market: New cars could be required to ‘talk’ by 2020. V2X (Vehicle to Everything) technology which is based on the principle of the passing of information from a vehicle to any other entity that may affect the vehicle is going to be the stellar backbone of this ‘Talking car’ extravaganza. This Communication is based […]

Global Polymer Dispersions Market Key Trends – Market Size

Global Polymer Dispersions Market Key Trends (2017-2024)_ By Resin Type, Applications, and Geography. Polymer dispersions are water-borne emulsion polymers in stabilized state with colloidal particles. Polymer dispersions are used by various industry verticals in numerous applications such as for inks, paints, coatings, adhesives, papers, sealants and decorative and protective coating.The polymer dispersions market based on resin types […]

Global UV Curable Resins,Formulated Products Market Key Trends – Market Size

Global UV Curable Resins,Formulated Products Market Key Trends (2017-2024)_ By Composition, Chemistry, Technology, Application, and Geography. UV curable resins has less harmful emissions, less energy consumption, fast cure, less equipment space, waste reduction and low temperature treatment. These resins comprise oligomers, monomers, co-initiators and photo-polymerization. The UV curable resins & formulated products market based on composition, the oligomers segment is […]