Growing Demand for Smart TVs

Smart TV is basically a concurrence among computer and social TV which permits users to use all features presents in computers or smartphones. Smart TV provides many features like internet availability, storage capacity, global positioning system and other entertainment features such as games, music, and others. Smart TV is incorporated with internet connection which offers […]

3D Printing Technology Market

3D printing technology market is one of the leading and fastest flourishing markets in the world. 2012 was a turning point in 3D printing technology, universally,” consultancy Wohlers Associates president Terry Wohlers tells Engineering News Online. The technology really grew attention, investment, and traction, in comparison to what had been the case previously.” 3D printing […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare current outlook prospects

The milestones covered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)in healthcare are expected to change in the way the healthcare industry is looked at. The level of acceleration of growth of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare has been pretty quick and is currently unpredictable. Key clinical healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps can create $150 billion in annual savings for […]

How will artificial intelligence be used in defence system

Artificial intelligence (AI) also known as machine intelligence (MI) is intellect displayed by a computer system (or machine), in contrast with the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. The complexity involved in the application of Artificial intelligence (AI) in defense and civilian spheres, a working definition of Artificial intelligence (AI) is required. There […]

IoT Platform Companies

IoT Platform Companies The list includes the 150 key companies across the globe. The Companies are shortlisted by the relevance in the industry across North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. Profiles of these companies include the information about their history, location, legal compliance, product portfolio, and business segments that will help readers to get insight […]