System Integration Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast (2022-2029)

System Integration Market Size in 2021 was worth USD 23.54 Bn. at a CAGR 5.91 % and it is expected to reach USD 37.26 Bn. in 2029.

System Integration Market Overview:

The process of linking multiple sub-systems (components) into a larger system is known as system integration. This function covers all physical and virtual components of an organization's system. Physical components include things like machine systems, computer hardware, and inventory. The growing Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial automation, rising safety and security concerns driving demand for automation systems, manufacturing plants' demand for low-cost, energy-efficient manufacturing processes, and advances in cloud computing technology are all driving the growth of the industrial automation system integration market. Global System Integration Market To know about the Research Methodology :- Request Free Sample Report

COVID-19 Impact on System Integration Market:

COVID-19 had a considerable impact on the industrial automation system integrator business as well as the end-user industries served. COVID-19's rapid spread across countries has caused many governments to take exceptional steps to combat the pandemic. Many businesses have been temporarily closed as a result of these actions, financial markets have been thrown into chaos, and travel and mobility have been severely restricted. The shutdowns' initial direct impact has had a significant influence on demand for system integration services.

System Integration Market Dynamics:

High investment in IT infrastructure: IT infrastructure consists of servers, storage devices, software, and network equipment. The high investment in IT infrastructure has created distributed IT systems in various enterprises, which in turn has led to an increase in the demand for distributed IT systems across various enterprises. The high expenditure on hardware, software and cloud computing services leads to the number of computing systems. Since a large amount of work today relies on computers, the lack of system integration creates technical complexity, such as data security issues, data theft, data redundancy, and backup issues. Therefore, these factors are expected to drive the growth of the global system integration market during the forecast period. Increasing safety and security concerns: Companies in these industries must strategize their plans in accordance with the various countries' rules and environmental standards. Refineries for oil and gas are typically located in difficult environments. To avoid accidents and equipment failures, these manufacturing units require automation systems. Lack of standardization and high implementation cost: Due to the complexity of functions, the cost of redesigning or replacing the legacy system is very high. According to a survey conducted by Unisys Innovation Centre in 2021, the U.S. government invests about 46 billion U.S. dollars each year to maintain legacy systems. This is usually due to a lack of standards regarding the use of legacy systems. In addition, the cost of system integration includes the cost of software, installation, materials, licenses and different types of technical labor. Integration of the cloud in infrastructure accounts for significant growth: A systems integrator (SI) is an individual or a company that builds computing systems for its clients by mixing software and hardware components from several vendors. A cloud integrator functions similarly to a SI in cloud computing (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS). This is a service that assists their customers in navigating the challenges of cloud migration. As the needs of American companies continue to increase, HC (Host Color) and many other companies have launched hosted cloud infrastructure services in 2021. Hosting services can be used for public cloud servers, hybrid clouds, and hosted private clouds. The hosted cloud infrastructure includes the installation of Linux or Windows-based operating systems, regular maintenance, and software programs and application updates.

System Integration Market Segment Analysis:

The system integration market is segmented into service and end-user respectively. On the basis of service, The infrastructure integration segment held the largest market share of 30% in 2021, owing to cloud-based and network management services are widely used, infrastructure integration facilitates multiple users to use single hardware, and cost-effective. Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM), building management, integrated communication, and network integration are among the infrastructure system integration services. The consulting segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 10% during the forecast period. Business process integration, application lifecycle management, and business transformation are examples of consulting services. The growth of consulting segment is attributed to increasing demand for organisations to assist users in building their Business Continuity Plan/Disaster Recovery Plan. On the basis of end-user, The IT and telecommunications held largest market share of xx% in 2021, owing to rapid industrialization and growth of IT companies, increasing population, rising advancements in cloud technologies and virtualization, rising use of internet of things, rising safety and security concerns. Additionally, increased government assistance in other industries, such as healthcare and finance, to increase their technological investments in order to strengthen the global economy, is projected to fuel market growth.

System Integration Market Regional Insights:

North America had the highest revenue share of over 30.7 % in 2021, owing to massive government spending in the adoption of innovative solutions across multiple departments and rising data security concerns. Increasing use of ALM(Application Lifecycle Management). ALM is software that is gaining popularity among end-users since it aids in the integration of a wide range of disciplines into sectors such as testing, project management, quality assurance, and many others. The Latin America has growth rate is more than 10% during forecast period 2022-2029, owing to an increase in the number of industries across various end-use sectors. Governments throughout the region are encouraging company expansion with large expenditures. Mexico's government announced a USD 14 billion investment across numerous sectors to enhance the country's economy in October 2021.

Recent development:

• Wood teamed with Aspen Technology, Inc. in September 2021 to provide Aspen Mtell asset performance management (APM) technology for data driven maintenance. • Avanceon Ltd. signed a contract in March 2021 to deliver a cutting-edge upgrade solution for one FMCG company. The upgrade solution involves the installation of a new SCADA and HMI system that is connected with current systems in order to reduce downtime, increase productivity, and improve plant floor process efficiency. • To acquire a competitive advantage in the market, key corporations are concentrating on mergers and acquisitions. Accenture plc, for example, bought Callisto Integration, a consultancy firm based in Canada, in May 2021 to help clients improve manufacturing efficiency. • Sept 2021, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced that it has collaborated with Excessive Networks, a cloud-based networking provider, to integrate AerohiveNetworks into its platform. The objective of the report is to present a comprehensive analysis of the global System Integration market to the stakeholders in the industry. The past and current status of the industry with the forecasted market size and trends are presented in the report with the analysis of complicated data in simple language. The report covers all the aspects of the industry with a dedicated study of key players that include market leaders, followers, and new entrants. PORTER, PESTEL analysis with the potential impact of micro-economic factors of the market has been presented in the report. External as well as internal factors that are supposed to affect the business positively or negatively have been analysed, which will give a clear futuristic view of the industry to the decision-makers. The report also helps in understanding the global System Integration market dynamics, structure by analyzing the market segments and projects the global System Integration market size. Clear representation of competitive analysis of key players by product, price, financial position, product portfolio, growth strategies, and regional presence in the global System Integration market make the report investor’s guide.

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Global System Integration Market
Report Coverage Details
Base Year: 2021 Forecast Period: 2022-2029
Historical Data: 2017 to 2021 Market Size in 2021: USD 23.54 Bn.
Forecast Period 2022 to 2029 CAGR: 5.91% Market Size in 2029: USD 37.26 Bn.
Segments Covered: by Service • Infrastructure Integration • Application Integration • Consulting
by End-user • IT & Telecommunications • Defense & Security • BFSI • Oil & Gas • Healthcare • Transportation • Retail • Others

System Integration Market, by Region

• North America • Europe • Asia Pacific • Middle East and Africa • South America

System Integration Market Key Players

John Wood Group • ATS Automation • Avanceon Limited • JR Automation • Tesco Controls, Inc. • Burrow Global LLC • Prime Controls LP • MAVERICK Technologies • Barry-Wehmiller • INTECH Process • IBM Corporation • Cisco Systems Inc. • Cognizant • Fujitsu Limited • DXC Technology • HCL Technologies • Wipro Limited • Deloitte • Infosys • Tech Mahindra Limited

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which region has the largest share in Global System Integration Market? Ans: North America region held the highest share in 2021. 2. What is the growth rate of Global System Integration Market? Ans: The Global System Integration Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.91% during forecast period 2022-2029. 3. What is scope of the Global System Integration market report? Ans: Global System Integration Market report helps with the PESTEL, PORTER, COVID-19 Impact analysis, Recommendations for Investors & Leaders, and market estimation of the forecast period. 4. Who are the key players in Global System Integration market? Ans: The important key players in the Global System Integration Market are – , John Wood Group, ATS Automation, Avanceon Limited, JR Automation, Tesco Controls, Inc., Burrow Global LLC, Prime Controls LP, MAVERICK Technologies, Barry-Wehmiller, INTECH Process, IBM Corporation, Cisco Systems Inc., Cognizant, Fujitsu Limited, DXC Technology, HCL Technologies, Wipro Limited, Deloitte, Infosys, and Tech Mahindra Limited. 5. What is the study period of this market? Ans: The Global System Integration Market is studied from 2021 to 2029.
1. Global System Integration Market: Research Methodology 2. Global System Integration Market: Executive Summary 2.1. Market Overview and Definitions 2.1.1. Introduction to Global System Integration Market 2.2. Summary 2.2.1. Key Findings 2.2.2. Recommendations for Investors 2.2.3. Recommendations for Market Leaders 2.2.4. Recommendations for New Market Entry 3. Global System Integration Market: Competitive Analysis 3.1. MMR Competition Matrix 3.1.1. Market Structure by region 3.1.2. Competitive Benchmarking of Key Players 3.2. Consolidation in the Market 3.2.1 M&A by region 3.3. Key Developments by Companies 3.4. Market Drivers 3.5. Market Restraints 3.6. Market Opportunities 3.7. Market Challenges 3.8. Market Dynamics 3.9. PORTERS Five Forces Analysis 3.10. PESTLE 3.11. Regulatory Landscape by region • North America • Europe • Asia Pacific • The Middle East and Africa • Latin America 3.12. COVID-19 Impact 4. Global System Integration Market Segmentation 4.1. Global System Integration Market, by Service (2021-2029) • Infrastructure Integration • Application Integration • Consulting 4.2. Global System Integration Market, by End-user (2021-2029) • IT & Telecommunications • Defense & Security • BFSI • Oil & Gas • Healthcare • Transportation • Retail • Others 5. North America System Integration Market(2021-2029) 5.1. North America System Integration Market, by Service (2021-2029) • Infrastructure Integration • Application Integration • Consulting 5.2. North America System Integration Market, by End-user (2021-2029) • IT & Telecommunications • Defense & Security • BFSI • Oil & Gas • Healthcare • Transportation • Retail • Others 5.3. North America System Integration Market, by Country (2021-2029) • United States • Canada • Mexico 6. European System Integration Market (2021-2029) 6.1. European System Integration Market, by Service (2021-2029) 6.2. European System Integration Market, by End-user (2021-2029) 6.3. European System Integration Market, by Country (2021-2029) • UK • France • Germany • Italy • Spain • Sweden • Austria • Rest Of Europe 7. Asia Pacific System Integration Market (2021-2029) 7.1. Asia Pacific System Integration Market, by Service (2021-2029) 7.2. Asia Pacific System Integration Market, by End-user (2021-2029) 7.3. Asia Pacific System Integration Market, by Country (2021-2029) • China • India • Japan • South Korea • Australia • ASEAN • Rest Of APAC 8. Middle East and Africa System Integration Market (2021-2029) 8.1. Middle East and Africa System Integration Market, by Service (2021-2029) 8.2. Middle East and Africa System Integration Market, by End-user (2021-2029) 8.3. Middle East and Africa System Integration Market, by Country (2021-2029) • South Africa • GCC • Egypt • Nigeria • Rest Of ME&A 9. Latin America System Integration Market (2021-2029) 9.1. Latin America System Integration Market, by Service (2021-2029) 9.2. Latin America System Integration Market, by End-user (2021-2029) 9.3. Latin America System Integration Market, by Country (2021-2029) • Brazil • Argentina • Rest Of Latin America 10. Company Profile: Key players 10.1. John Wood Group 10.1.1. Company Overview 10.1.2. Financial Overview 10.1.3. Global Presence 10.1.4. Capacity Portfolio 10.1.5. Business Strategy 10.1.6. Recent Developments 10.2. ATS Automation 10.3. Avanceon Limited 10.4. JR Automation 10.5. Tesco Controls, Inc. 10.6. Burrow Global LLC 10.7. Prime Controls LP 10.8. MAVERICK Technologies 10.9. Barry-Wehmiller 10.10. INTECH Process 10.11. IBM Corporation 10.12. Cisco Systems Inc. 10.13. Cognizant 10.14. Fujitsu Limited 10.15. DXC Technology 10.16. HCL Technologies 10.17. Wipro Limited 10.18. Deloitte 10.19. Infosys 10.20. Tech Mahindra Limited

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