The Asia Pacific segment is expected to grow at the fastest pace in the Global Predictive Genetic Testing & Consumer/Wellness Genomics Market.

Patients in this region have seen an increase in disposable income as well as healthcare spending; hence Asia Pacific is expected to have the fastest CAGR. Apart from demand growth, the region’s supply potential is predicted to increase significantly in the future years. By delivering services through distribution partners, prominent participants are tapping into underdeveloped economies.

DNA testing devices are being introduced across Japan.

The advent and widespread use of DNA testing instruments for diagnosing minute mutations in DNA across Japan’s prefectures has given the genetic testing industry a boost. Along with a strong demand for DNA mutation identification, the Japanese population’s rising reliance on tailored medications are expected to allow the corporation to make significant gains in the Asia Pacific market.

Despite a huge decline in the sales of products during the initial phase of pandemic spread and lockdown restrictions all over the region, the market is observed to pick up a quick pace for registering a CAGR of almost more than XX%, during the tenure of 2020 – 2026.

The report published by Maximize encompasses the market dynamics, which could affect the market growth of Predictive Genetic Testing & Consumer/Wellness Genomics in the region, the Value – Chain analysis, and the PORTER’s analysis for the Predictive Genetic Testing & Consumer/Wellness Genomics market at a global level.

The study is consolidated on the basis of two major segments and further into sub-segments, Test Type (Predictive Testing (Genetic Susceptibility Test, Predictive Diagnostics, and Population Screening), Consumer Genomics, and Wellness Genomics (Nutria Genetics, Skin & Metabolism Genetics, and Others)), Application (Predictive Genetic Testing & Consumer Genomics (Breast & Ovarian Cancer, Cardiovascular screening, Diabetic Screening & Monitoring, Colon Cancer, Parkinsonism / Alzheimer’s Disease, Urologic screening/ Prostate cancer screening, Orthopedic & Musculoskeletal, Other cancer screening, and Other diseases)), and Setting Type (DTC and Professional), to forecast the market size by value; also includes the analysis of past market dynamics from 2016 – 2019, considering 2019 as the base year.

Global Predictive Genetic TestingLastly, the market research report provides a regional comparison and a complete country-level analysis for the latest trends, along with the major key players – 23andMe, Inc.; Myriad Genetics, Inc.; F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.; Abbott Laboratories; Genesis Genetics; Agilent Technologies; Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.; BGI; Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.; Illumina, Inc.; Counsyl, Inc.; ARUP Laboratories, Pathway Genomics, Color Genomics Inc., Helix, and others.


You can browse the market data Tables and Figures spread through a comprehensive research report and in-depth TOC on “Global Predictive Genetic Testing & Consumer/Wellness Genomics Market.” 



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