Connected Cars Key Trends

From its humble beginnings in 1996, when General Motors introduced OnStar, to the latest IoT-compatible models, advances in technology keep redefining what a connected car is.

At least for now, we can characterize a connected automobile as one that facilitates connections between vehicle systems, driver and passenger devices, and external devices, networks or systems. It employs Internet, Bluetooth, and evolving V2V communications technologies. Additionally it initiates communications with and responds to communications from IoT devices, both internal and external to the vehicle. Many experts are saying that connected car is the part of the giant internet of things. The automotive industry has the potential to become an IoT champion among other industries and fuel the IoT cloud services adoption among car owners and walkers alike. A connected smart car comes as a revolutionary way to drive and stay in touch with the world around at the same time. Connected car features divided into several categories, safety, navigation, infotainment, diagnostics and payments. Here are few significant Connected Cars Key Trends

connected cars key trends : Driverless Cars

The major automakers and technology giants are racing to develop the fully autonomous car. The first truly driverless car will be a game changer. The need for a connected infrastructure and advancement of other technologies, such as V2V will buy some time to make this phenomena a reality for everybody.

connected cars key trends : Blockchain Technology

The power of blockchain technology will drive innovation and solutions across the entire automotive ecosystem. Indeed, we are seeing the emergence of the blockchain automotive industry even now. The numerous advantages of shared ledger technology open a world of possibilities for use in automotive applications. The connected car will soon be the blockchain connected car.

connected cars key trends : Monetising the intent

With the advent of connected car phenomena driving has become equivalent to online surfing resulting into monetization of driving behaviour. Every action by the driver is interpreted and the intent is utilised for monetisation by the advertisers and car makers.

connected cars key trends : New value propositions

Cars themselves are beginning to be networked, further enhancing safe operation and creating new value propositions and ultimately obviating the need for vehicle ownership. General Motors is modifying its Maven car sharing program to enable all GM vehicles to use the Maven program to allow existing GM vehicle owners to share their cars with other users. Meanwhile, a growing number of auto makers including Porsche, Audi, Volvo, Lexus, Ford and others are introducing wireless connection-enabled, subscription-based programs that allow participants to freely swap cars on a weekly or monthly basis or, indeed, on demand.

connected cars key trends : Carmakers as MVNOs

Car companies are looking forward to become mobile virtual network operators (MVNO’s) so their vehicles will be equipped with best local wireless connections regardless of the service provider.

connected cars key trends : Wireless networks’ role in vehicle safety

Wireless networks will play an indispensable role in combatting cyber security threats and supporting real-time map updates for automated driving and software updates for on board systems.

connected cars key trends : B2V Technology

B2V (Brain to Vehicle) Technology utilises a device to subtly measure brain wave activity, which is analysed by the vehicle’s autonomous systems and used to predict and eventually anticipate driver behaviours. It requires the use of a headset dotted with electrodes that either press directly against a person’s scalp or come as close as possible.

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