Internet of Things (IoT) to Internet of Everything

  • Automation across devices and Services: Different dimension of networks along with connectivity also known as hyper-connectedness is an extremely important dimension within IoT that further defines need for automation across different machines. Industrial, business or a software update, everything is connected through IoT with the help of automation.
  • Blockchain for Internet of Things: Blockchain for IoT will help in transformation of business transactions that are conducted globally by introducing and providing a trustworthy environment for functioning. Transactions are automated as well as encoded preserving enterprise level privacy along with offering security for all parties.
  • Cognitive Computing: Beyond traditional implementations of IoT, cognitive computing improves learning environment by increasing amount of data. Moreover, it further increases the possibilities of solutions related to edge analytics that make sensors capable of analyzing and adapting to different environment without need for any external human intervention.
  • Diversity across Internet of Things channels: An IoT channel will continue its emergence and growth across industries as IT service firms, suppliers, vendors and distributors plan on diversifying revenues and offerings. This leads to addition of Internet of Things within their portfolios for enhancing scope of their existing strengths in same as well as different areas

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