Top Ten Disruptive Technologies by next ten years

 1.  An Interplanetary Internet

Whether through private company or through government agencies, first human will reach Mars by 2030. And internet connection with Earth will be set up.

2.    Personal Fabricators in Every Home

3D printers are poised to be disruptive. Manufacturing companies will have to change their business models since common people will be able to manufacture most of the products of their needs at home. Initially, one will have to pay to download the specification but eventually due to open source, these items will be shared and will be available for free. In addition to day-day items, these printers even can generate handguns, vaccines and self-assembled robots too.

3.    The First True Anti-Aging Intervention

There are lot of scams about anti-ageing drugs. Though futurist and gerontologists are not sure the form of drug or invention, but through genetic tweak, there are some efforts going on to map the genetic constitutions of supercentenarians to isolate the factors that make them so robust. Therapies to restore length of our telomeres or replenish our mitochondria shall achieve desired results by 2030.

So, one could be able to control the effects of age on body.

4.    Autonomous Robots with a License to Kill

It is frightening but inevitable. Today, there are different levels of autonomy in weapons systems that includes missiles. The Aegis Combat System has an autonomous mode, which uses powerful computers and radars to track and guide weapon to destroy enemy targets.

Despite the halt in the development of machine-soldiers, militaries will not hesitate to use robots to spare the human life. And machine will eventually exceed the capacities of human soldiers on battle grounds. It is an arm race.

5.    Our Very Own Lab-Grown Organs (and Meat)

This is a beginning of biotechnology; revolution will start in near future. In next ten years, personalized medicine will be emerged and physicians will be able to prescribe tailored medicine to specific genetic constitutions. Some pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are very close to generate differentiated tissue from our very own stem cells. This will allow people to grow their own organs like heart with no chance of rejection.

Biotechnologist shall also work on tandem with additive manufacturing. Recently, cybernastic ear is 3D printed that utilizes embedded electronics. It is possible to print human embryonic stem cells and synthetic tissue. These printers have already used to produce functional artificial cochlea and splint.

6.    Personal Assistance through Artificially Intelligence

Microsoft initiated the concept through Clippy for office assistance, however, it was not successful, and recently Apple too developed SIRI for its iPhone (an intelligent assistant). But these technology developments are nothing compared to technological development in this segment in next ten years.

In ten years, personal assistant made of artificial intelligence is expected converse in natural language, including our proverbs, slangs and colloquialisms and will be available 24/7

These artificial agents will have uncanny level of general intelligence and people will be able to have conversation with them. They will know their virtual clones like friend, family members and relatives that includes their behaviour, tendencies, preferences and typical ways of responding to particular situation, whether happy or tense.

In short, they will be virtual clones, or our own proxy clones representing perosn on virtual and real world. They will write email for their virtual clones, schedule appointments and will even anticipate their needs. And people will be responsible for their clone’s activities.

7.    Unseen Computers Are Everywhere

It is called ubiquitous computing or pervasive computing. Computers will be everywhere and everybody will be surrounded by the invisible computers. Since computers are found everywhere now a days, including cars, toys, phones, and all white goods, in next ten years even without these things everybody will be surrounded by invisible computers.

Devices are getting smaller thanks to miniaturization revolution (micorelectromechanical systems/MEMS).

In short, it will be world, where computers will be virtually everywhere but invisible including clothes and even in contact lenses. These devices will have certain “ambient intelligence” to help them perform under particular specifications.

8.    Virtual Animals with Digital Minds

Whole brain emulations of human mind is not expected until second half of this century, however, in coming decade people will be able to reach first stage of whole brain emulations that will be able emulate brains of much simpler organism. There is “OpenWorm” already going on to digitize brains of nematode worm.

In next two decades, it is possible to emulate brains of ants, flies, bees, which shall lead to human brain emulation in future.  So, there will have virtual animals like mouse, bees ect… who will live inside computer. It is also possibility that digital brains will be uploaded to robotics avatars.

9.    Sanctioned Megascale Geoengineering Project

Effects of climate change are hard to ignore, whether it is increasing CO2 emissions, increasing see level, decreasing ice level, wild fires or record temperature. Official geoengineering project will be initiated in next ten years.

To reverse the effect the carbon emissions solutions, clouds whitening- seeding of marine stratocumulus clouds with copious amounts of tiny sea water particles are going to be used in near future. It also includes the artificial trees, enhanced weathering, ocean fertilization, oceans alkalinity enhancement etc…And even weather control.

10.  The Oceans Will Quench the World’s Thirst

Industrial scale desalination….Thanks to advancement in solar power (development of affordable and advanced photovoltaic cells, Massive solar plants that utilize the residual heat to strip ocean water of its salt will be built in near future. Experts believe that there will be no shortage of fresh water by 2030. Spread of CSP desalinations plants is likely to inspire development of most potable water production by 2030.


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